How to Obtain a BFF

A best friend is hard to find, and when you do it’s there for you; by your side to make you look good, add some attitude and flare, sometimes to argue with, etc.  You want your best friend to stick around for a long time right?  Well that’s how I feel about a good liquid eye liner.  Without one, I am wingless, and a good wing is what helps you feel fly, am I right?  That being said, I am always on a quest for the perfect one.  Something that will last through the day and give me a dark velvety black line.

Some of my tries on my journey have been:

Limitless Liquid Liner Pen Smashbox ($22)

  • Pros: It was easy to use and precise glide
  • Cons: Dried SO quickly and color was sort of dull

‘They’re Real!’ Gel Eyeliner by Benefit ($24)

  • Pros: The color was so rich and thick
  • Cons: Messy, Dried up fast, didn’t last all day-not recommended if you are a perfectionist like me with your wings

ColorStay Liquid Liner by Revlon (Price ranges depending where you get it from)

  • Pros: Inexpensive, easy to use
  • Cons: Color was light,

Illamasqua Precision Ink ($28)

  • Pros: Color was super bold and velvet-made my eyes pop.  Nice fine tip and precise glide AND Lasted forever.
  • Cons: It was a little messy because of the liquid.  Had to use a Q-Tip at times.


Well ladies and gentlemen, I think my search may have come to an end when I discovered Kat Von D’s beauty line-most importantly her Tattoo Liner.  It is a waterproof, 24-hour long lasting (so it ain’t moving) Liquid Pen, with a soft precise tip.   Cruelty Free AND Vegan.  Basically this is the magic wand of makeup.


  • Fine, precise point that makes it easy to use for all of us who are not perfect at everything.
  • There are two colors-Black and Brown.
  • Highly Pigmented
  • Waterproof
  • All day-long lasting
  • It’s cruelty-free AND vegan.
  • It’s under $20.



  • The shelf life is only 6 months-but you should be changing out your liquid eye makeup every 3 months (Read blah blah blah for more information).
  • Sometimes it may dry out quickly, but thats usually because you to shake it to give the liquid some flow.



As opposed to other pens that all have felt tips, this one has a brush tip which makes it a lot more manageable.  I love this pen because not only is it easy for nonprofessionals/professionals as a normal cat-eye, but you can get adventurous and give your eye a new attitude with dots, lines, cutouts, and other fun designs.




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