Lip-Service IRL w/ Filip & Faith

Filip Milenkovic & Faith Picozzi

A few weeks back I was fortunate to work with them together on a shoot, where I got a first hand view of them as a badass couple.  They had both been working and traveling so much that Faith lost her voice completely so Filip had to speak for her, just in a manlier version. In person they give off such a strong energy and bond-it makes sense how they look so damn good together.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 1.34.49 PM.png

I have followed the red headed model for a while now, wanting so badly to doll her up and have killer photos of her in my portfolio.  Faith’s alluring look is so romantic while meeting disco bombshell, so you can only imagine how hard it has been to get in contact with her through the years.  When a new addition started taking place to her photos-aka her studly Jake Gyllanhaal look alike (but much more handsome) husband Filip-I knew it was game over for us all.  Filip is an insanely talented photographer with a noticeably elegant and tasteful aesthetic.  Scrolling through their work is like watching a love story on film.  Together, they make the dream couple come to life.  There is no doubt the love they share on the camera, is the same genuine love they share off the camera.

Read my interview with them to understand why my heart is gushing:


What’s your favorite color’s? 

Faith: Rose Gold

Filip: Forest Green

Your sign?

We are both Scorpios

How did you meet? I want all the gory details.

We officially met roller skating but it all started on social media believe it or not.

Filip: I actually contacted her to see if she would be interested to shoot since I was building my portfolio at the time and needed a redhead. She told me to go through her agency, which I did but we never ended up shooting because I felt my photography wasn’t there yet compared to the quality of her work.

Faith: Yeah, I made him go through my agency just to make sure he wasn’t a creep or anything haha.  It’s funny because I noticed that he started shooting girls I knew from the agency but not me and now I know why! When he invited me to go roller skating, I thought it sounded really fun and I already knew other people going. I didn’t think it was anything romantic or that he liked me, for all I know he could have been gay, straight or already in a relationship 🙂

We didn’t really talk a lot during roller skating, I guess we were both focused on not falling haha. We went to this little dive bar after and that’s when we started talking more and more. They had a comedy show going on and this guy kept telling Faith and I how great we were together, that we had a strong connection and asked us how long we had been together. We both looked at each other and told him that we just met today. Basically we ended up talking the entire evening with one another, hung out afterwards, kissed, and from there on, we spent every day together.




When did you know it was love?

After we met roller skating, we literally hung out every single day and within 5 days, we both said I love you.

How would you describe one another?  Faith to Filip – Filip to Faith

Filip: I would describe Faith as, loving, kind, passionate, know what she wants, a tad crazy, you know the whole package 🙂

Faith: Filip is super caring, easy going, really talented and a great kisser, the perfect match for me 😛


How would you describe your first year married?

It was basically the same as before 🙂

Faith, I noticed Filip was helping you out so much when you lost your voice on our shoot, does he always treat you like a queen or was that a special day? 

Yes, Filip always treats me like a queen to be honest. He is the type of guy that will surprise me with little gifts here and there, helps me out with errands/stuff around the house, he’s quite the gentlemen 😉

What has been the toughest part (or most surprising) thing about your marriage?

With any relationship, I think the toughest part is communicating with each other so the other person truly understands what they are going through or feeling. But the most surprising part about good communication is once you have it, you can get through anything together. We think that is the key to a successful relationship.



As artists both working in the industry together, how do you separate your love life compared to your work lives? 

We are both passionate and love what we do so it never feels like “work” to us. It’s really fun to be able to bounce ideas back and forth and stay creative that way. Faith sees things that I don’t think about and vice versa, all and all it meshes well.

You guys are the ultimate dream couple where everyone wants to shoot you two together, what is the most rewarding thing about working together?

Being able to share the experience together.

What do you see happening within the next 5 years?

Purchasing a home, possibly somewhere in Europe, we both love it there.

Traveling around the world.

Continuing having careers that we enjoy doing.

When one or the other is upset, how do you cheer each other up?

Filip: I act silly and try to make her laugh. Sometimes I even put a tutu on, dress up the dogs as ballerinas and perform with amazing grace.

Faith: Distract him from the issue 😉 Cooking him yummy food (they say food is the way to a man’s heart). <—Amen sista!


For those of you who don’t spend enough time on social media and haven’t come across Filip & Faith, go peep at their Instagram’s:




Photographs shot by Brooke Olimpieri @filthymouthcreative

Styling by Shelly @thepistolclub

Hair by Darine Seengseevong @machinedarine

Makeup by ME @mermaidpuss

Photos for @avenuela

Last Note: Due to all of the hate happening in the world, I am going to start sharing stories of love so we can all feel a little warm and fuzzy inside.  Email me for suggestions or comments on what makes your heart gush and hopefully I can feature you!



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