Who Am I?


I am a girl with a fiery imagination.

When I was younger, I used to run through the neighborhood picking flowers to mash up  and saturate my cheeks and eye lids with color.  I would rip the bark off the eucalyptus trees and use it as face “powder” for a porcelain complexion.  And then I would find berries to create a bitten lip on myself.

As I grew up, my mom would take me every week or so to the mall to have a girls day out.  She would pamper me with shopping, nails, and then my favorite back then–the MAC counter–to get our makeup done.  The MAC counter was like God’s Golden Gate.  It was the thrill of all thrills to see these ladies head to toe in black and MAC labels, and drowning in every color of eyeshadow.  I aspired to be this one day.  So, we would get our makeup done with lashes and all, then show off our glam at the movies.  At the end of the night we would go home, and I would run up to the “beauty” room my mom had created for me (yes I was a spoiled brat), take off half my face, and then try to mimic what was already done, onto my fresh canvas.

I started to do my friends and family makeup for school dances, weddings, special events, etc.  I found something fascinating in the idea of helping people get ready and watch them begin to ooze with confidence.  Although, I never expected I would take it up as a career, just a hobby.

After high school, I decided I wanted to go to school for art and photography, which of course, full circled and eventually landed me back to where I started.  Now I am living out in Los Angeles doing makeup and hair for Fashion, Film/Television, Special Events, etc; and I love it!!

But, I also love a holistic approach to life.  And as much as I try to only abide by those rules, I am human, and mess up sometimes.  So where I know I am heading with my career, is creating a new approach to all things beauty.  Reviving the old approach I had when I was a child, and creating an imaginary depth into reality.


So this leads me to:

What is this?  

This is an outlet for all the crazy shit going on in my head.

For those who know me, and those who will learn to, I am psychotic when it comes to all the new “business ideas” I have.  And let’s be honest, they are all so great that I would probably be living in a house way too big for me, drink cappuccino’s imported from Europe each day, and vacationing to different island’s each week.  But unfortunately, I am the notorious for not finishing anything.  And what is funny about all these great ideas, is that they aren’t really related to one another.  My mind if very broad; very, very broad.

I wanted to create this, “blog” as you call it, as something to release all my thoughts and ideas.  Somewhere that I can leave the good, the bad, and the ugly.  But what entices me the most with this type of project that as I am teaching you, I am teaching myself all this new information, while getting to do little experiments.  It’s almost like going back to school because I have to research, write, and constantly be proactive.

This will be a guide of exploration to finding what is best for the human race to keep us all alive and civilized.  Okay, maybe not that serious, but you get the point.  In here you will find silly articles and tutorials related to makeup, skincare, nutrition, earth, and some random shit here and there.  But I will also be putting myself, and others on blast constantly–which will be super fun.  So follow and get to know me, and eventually get to know yourself too.


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