Where’d You Get Those Lashes??

How many of you love having long luscious lashes or perfectly bushed eyebrows?  I certainly do.  There is something about having long locks around your eyeballs that creates the center of your face to stand out and feel more symmetrical.  These days there are so many ways to create this look: a mascara with “fibres” in it or a shit ton of mascara, temporary glue on strip lashes or individuals, lash/brow extensions, or daily serums like Latisse or GrandeLASH-MD.


When you’re using the strips, individuals, or extensions, they are most commonly made up of a synthetic material, silk, or animal fur.  Synthetic lashes are thick, uncomfortable, and heavy-ideal for a temporary look.  Silk eyelashes are softer, a little bendier, and lighter weight.  Animal lashes are the lightest and softest on your eyes. Since they come from an animal, they have natural hair bends and curls where as synthetic and silk are structured and made to look similar to each other.


Many companies and members of the public have been duped into believing the fur derived from animals are “cruelty-free” and ethically harvested by gently brushing live free-range animals. HAHA.  I mean, if we could live in a world where all we have to do is brush animals for a living, then we would be free of crime and full of rainbows and butterflies, but unfortunately everyone is too ignorant to listen to the truth.

But what is the truth behind the animal product you are putting on your eyes?  As you see with the animal videos regarding the meat you eat, the animals for the fur that go on your eyes are treated the exact same.  They are tortured in cages, bloody and disheveled.  The are thrown and kicked around, starved, and murdered.  Life on a fur farm is nothing but horrific.  Seriously, what type of world do we live in where we are not only exploiting animals for food, and clothing, but now for pure vanity and nothing else?   Not only are you paying for these factories to stay open, but you are spending so much money to put this angst onto your face.  How healthy can that be?  Just imagine the effects of having dead, diseased, animal fur attached to your face.  That doesn’t sound so pretty anymore does it?  This disgusting act of animal cruelty and abuse must stop now.




About 6 years ago, a group broke into a two Mink farms in Greece and let out approximately 50,000 mink into the wild.  Then, PETA unlocked a video made in a Mink farm in Sweden (filmed by Djurrättsalliansen) showcasing the lifestyle that these little fur babies have to live.  It takes a few seconds to witness the cruelty, but I believe EVERYONE needs to watch.  I am so sick of hearing people say “No I can’t, it’s too sad to watch” as they are wearing leather boots, a fur jacket, and mink lashes, eating a bacon cheeseburger.  Well, grow up and listen to the sad truth because denying it is the exact reason there is so much punishment in the world.   There is nothing ethical or humane about depriving these animals of their behavioral and physiological needs.

Believe me, I am no saint, and definitely grew up on a meat and animal use lifestyle, and to this day am still am unaware of so much, but I am taking steps to learn daily and making the efficient changes to my lifestyle.  I am not here to preach to you, but I am here to educate because most of you don’t know the reality.  You say you can’t change the world, but it just starts with one person.  You say you want to change the world, well do it-it just starts with one person.


Here is a list of a few cruelty-free lash alternatives to use:

I am always wanting to expand my list of brands, so would love to hear suggestions or comments!



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