New Year, New Attitude

Bringing in the new year usually means to wear your most expensive dress, get your hair blown out, glam out your face, drink a lot of champagne, and dance your way into a fresh start.  The whole thing sounds like The Great Gatsby until you wake up at 1 pm on January 1st feeling like pure SH*T and regretting everything..well almost everything.




I have always been the type with major FOMO (fear of missing out) during anything that essentially gives me the excuse to dress up and get a little wild for a night-New Years being my main one.  During the last few years, ~* my transitional years *~, I have been a lot more at ease with letting myself skip out on a few hangovers.  I’ve been learning the ins and outs of taking care of my body, mind, and health.  Granted when I seem to get close with discovering (what I think is) everything I possibly can about myself, my body goes and does something to open up a whole new world of lessons.

Last year was the first year in which I can remember, where I didn’t go out, or have people over.   I was battling myself all day on whether or not I should just say fuck it, and go out.  So, I went to my last yoga class of the year and had an exhilarating practice, yet there was still the seesaw in my head-to go out or not to go out.  After yoga I went to go get my water jug filled up at this place called Alka Logic-it’s a pure antioxidant ionizing alkaline water system, but I will go into detail on the benefits of this in another entry.

The woman behind the counter had asked me what my plans for New Years were and of course my response was torn.  When I had asked her in return she answered me with such a mind boggling answer.  She said every year her and her her best friend go to the beach with a towel, candles, some wine, and pen & papers.  They sit together and write out the things they experienced, learned, accomplished of the previous year, and what they want for the year coming.  Then they write the things they want to let go of and the things they want to bring forward with them.  They take those notes and light fire to them, to let the wind and waves wash their hands clean of it all.  She mentioned it was the lightest moment that she ever feels.  My head suddenly became so clear and I made my mind up.  So I went to Whole Foods and of course spent more money then I had in my account with a straight manifestation that the next year would provide back, made myself dinner and got a little wine drunk, danced around my house, and wrote down my past and future, so I could enjoy a little ceremony for myself.  I woke the next morning feeling so refreshed and alive that I went on an 11 mile hike at 6 AM.  Despite all the craziness of, lets just say 2016 for me was a pretty rad year.




New Years isn’t about finding the best party and drinking more champagne then you have all year, it’s about finding yourself.  The Winter Solstice is the turning point of the year or also known as the birth of the year or in our case, rebirth.  The days between Solstice and the New Year are a magical, luminous time period, when anything is possible.  It is a time to recharge, regain, set new goals, applaud ourselves for everything accomplished, and get ready to start anew.  Thats why, everything you do on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is freighted with significance for the future.

Granted, everyone does New Years with their own flavor.  In many cultures, similar to the tradition spoken of above, people jump into a body of water to literally, wash the slate clean.  Some places in Italy, it’s tradition to throw old furniture and belongings out of the window on New Years Eve.  Ecuador, people make “Ano Viejo” or “dummies”, to represent the events of the past year, where they are then burned at midnight to symbolically get rid of the past.  The reason we kiss our loved ones at midnight, is to insure that the relationship will flourish during the coming year.




My tradition will most likely change yearly, because like everyone else, I change, and I grow, and my motivations are different-this year I am setting my intentions at the beach with loved ones.  But one thing I know, is that the ending of a year to me is the most important moment for me to decide if I want to turn left, or right.  And which ever decision I make, will be the beginning of the rest of my life.  Sounds terrifying huh?

Just a little food for thought.  Happy New Years everyone!! Stay Safe, and start it setting the best intentions that you know you can be proud of, because at the end of it all, YOU are the one in control of your being.





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